Our Mission

The core focus of our mission is to revitalize the use of plant-based therapeutics in modern medicine, and to provide access to these products for health and well-being wherever they can be of value.

Practical Matters

Gain access to the demographics, psychographics, and location of unique agricultural solutions.

Feedstock Alternatives

Unify your approach to healthy cost saving feedstock alternatives through hemp based products.

Health & Nutrition

We offer premier options to include in your approach to health & nutrition industry.

Controls for product quality are key features of our supply chain

In our supply chain, all aspects of a compound undergo extensive testing and re-testing to ensure the following characteristics

data controlled





For R&D purposes in particular, these stringent controls ensure the usability of these materials and the data associated from them in the context of regulatory approval.

R&D Assets and Capabilities

Companion holds 300+ strain genetics of highly scalable and unique varieties expressing a host of different traits and cannabinoid profiles

Feminized commercial cannabis seeds protocols and operation

Seed breeding, stabilization and lineage tracking

Envirormental condition, soil profiling, irrigation data

Land evaluation

Plant genetic markers

Tissue culturing

Commercial-scale cloning or seeding and planting data

Weed suppresion

Integrated pest management data and remediation systems

Supply Partner

We've been building its capabilities and infrastructure in the U.S. hemp industry for years. Today, Companion AG stands as the premier supply partner for large-scale projects in the production of cannabis-derived goods.

Processing Capabilities

  • Milling, Pelletizing: 120+ metric tons / daily throughput capacity
  • Extraction: 20+ metric tons / daily throughput capacity
  • Food Processing: 60+ metric tons / daily throughput capacity


  • Worldwide distribution network for cannabis-derived goods.
  • Underway: Establishment of distribution hubs in Asia and South America (2019), Europe and the Middle East (2020)

In Production

  • Over 3,000 acres currently under production
  • Over 2,600 acres in operation under the Companion Ag network