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Today, Olistica, through Sandosa and its partner Clinical Research Organization, Nutrasource, are working in consultation with Health Canada to advance clinical trials for select products and purposes. our clinical research efforts underway with Health Canada include numerous phase 1 clinical studies and potential to move to phase 2 for one of the trials. Working hand in hand with regulators to help guide the pathway of development and testing has been integral to our business model.

Sandosa has strategically designed the trials such that market entry points will allow for us to seek approval in natural product markets and pharmaceutical markets. This stage wise progressive approach will support the continued expansion into these new markets while furthering the clinical work we are engaged in simultaneously. These and related efforts pave a pathway for regulatory engagement in, and framework development for, plant-based therapeutics.

Our data management platform

Our data management platform centralized all relevant information related to sales, marketing, product usage, clinical indications, physicians and researchers feedback and studies, and data from clinical and similar types of research both public and private institutions.

By using this kind of centralized, validated platform, we are creating opportunities for regulators to have an open view to a given clinical program, facilitating the tighter reporting that regulatory agencies are now demanding. Relevant data housed within the platform has potential to substantiate claims, indications, safety and efficacy.

Robust data support the use of plant-based therapeutics is central to the realization of olistica's vision for the future.

Our Data Management Platform

A central connection point with various applications and benefits

Alpha Pack
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A resource for physicians to better understand how to treat their patients with plant-based therapeutics

Plant-Based Therapeutics


A clinical resource of the highest quality for regulatory agencies to reference, facilitating easier access to product data, and product approvals in different markets.

Plant-Based Therapeutics


A self-validating model that will allow for more rapid clinical approval of finished goods, providing assurance to customers of product quality and efficacy

Plant-Based Therapeutics


An appendix to compile data from a number of different resources (physicians, research organizations, universities, and other institutions)

Plant-Based Therapeutics


Ability to identify trends, new clinical indication of the products, leading to new applications, predictive market forecasting, and other advances