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Jordan Process is a biotechnology hub specializing in cannabis and the commercialization and study of its bioactive constituents, the classical cannabinoids

Companion AG in partnership with Jordan Process

Companion AG partnered with Jordan Process sport a robust IP Suite capturing over 7 years of commercial cannabis research, development, understanding, and expertise, all rolled into one package that allows for use of the highly valued IP that has been derived from it.

Cannabis genetics bank

Cultivation techniques & standardized processes

Harvesting technology and practices

Bulk botanical processing into standardized extractable feedstock

Harvesting technology and practices

Lab Scale to pilot-process scale extraction line, fully tested, validatedand cGMP compliant

Standardized processes for the production of a host of different finished products

Clinical IP related to standardized product offerings

Distribution Channels

R&D Assets and Capabilities

Companion holds 300+ strain genetics of highly scalable and unique varieties expressing a host of different traits and cannabinoid profiles

Feminized commercial cannabis seeds protocols and operation

Seed breeding, stabilization and lineage tracking

Envirormental condition, soil profiling, irrigation data

Land evaluation

Plant genetic markers

Tissue culturing

Commercial-scale cloning or seeding and planting data

Weed suppresion

Integrated pest management data and remediation systems

Companion AG & Jordan Process Facilities: Key Certifications

Companion AG and Jordan Process' infrastructure is a core feature of our technological expertise and a foundational element of our operating model. operations are housed in a facility that is designed and constructed in accordance with internationally accepted standards of sanitation, safety, and productivity. The facility conforms to the following guidelines and standards.

US FDA cGMP Guidelines

For Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Manufacturers

International Fire Code


NFPA 5000

EU cGMP Guidelines

For Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Manufacturers

International Building Code


OSHA 29 CFR-1910


Jordan Process Capabilities

Offering a full range of products, from full-spectrum oil to isolated cannabinoids, Jordan Process has the capabilities to produce any cannabis-sources products required by the growing body of research surrounding medicinal cannabis applications.

Over our time, in the development of cannabis-based IP, we have focused heavily on standardizing the products and production processes to allow for highly controlled product parameters. this allows for all processes deriving from the product to also be studied and relied upon in a standardized manner.

Principal Processes

Ethanol Extraction

Closed-loop ethanol extraction system complete with biomass filtration, proprietary primary solvent distillation system, and a proprietary in-line winterization system with bulk load filtration and ultra-fine chromatographic filtration.

Fractional Distillation

Fully automated modular wiper film evaporator short-path fractional distillation system, complete with transfer pumps, making continuous throughput possible.

API Isolation

Proprietary refinement systems for isolation of cannabinoids or high cannabinoid fractions using chromatography, crystallization and other selective methods and systems with in-line cannabinoid monitoring for yield and product optimization.

Companion AG - Coperative Agriculture Platform

This is a hub for centralizing information, support and management of farming and commercial botanical processing operations. Our program provides a platform that allows for participation of as little as a few farms all the way to thousands of farms participating. Companion Ag's Cooperative Agricultural Program provides an opportunity for all participants to benefit equally from the resource center that CompanionAg has developed from our human and expert resources to the standardized programs and assimilated findings that guide our process to grated efficiency. This comprehensive package includes the following:

  • Individual consultation and communications platform
  • Cannabis expert with various background supporting the process of cannabis production
  • Management and oversight team ensuring the success of each partner farm
  • Refined cost analysis based on years of experience in the U.S.
  • Assessment and design or water and irrigation systems and strategy
  • Land area and soil analysis
  • Security protocols and design
  • Equipment and training program
  • Good Agricultural Practices
  • Seeding, plant reproduction, cultivation, & harvesting practices
  • Cannabis seed or clone selection
  • Grading and placement of finished biomass
  • Payout matrix
  • Transportation
  • Transformation from agricultural goods to tradable commodities
  • Guaranteed Purchase of goods and delivery to end markets

Process & Equipment

The process to produce a standardized and controlled agricultural feedstock for the extraction of medicinal compounds from cannabis is a key step to producing consistent finished products. this begins with growing, harvesting and handling practices to prepare for the processing of the goods.

Emphasis on Quality

All these processes are conducted in a manner consistent with Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Following these guidelines into quarantine and testing to the material to confirm it is safe for consumption and able to advance to next steps of extraction and isolation.

Supply Partner

We've been building its capabilities and infrastructure in the U.S. hemp industry for years. Today, Companion AG stands as the premier supply partner for large-scale projects in the production of cannabis-derived goods.

Processing Capabilities

  • Milling, Pelletizing: 120+ metric tons / daily throughput capacity
  • Extraction: 20+ metric tons / daily throughput capacity
  • Food Processing: 60+ metric tons / daily throughput capacity


  • Worldwide distribution network for cannabis-derived goods.
  • Underway: Establishment of distribution hubs in Asia and South America (2019), Europe and the Middle East (2020)

In Production

  • Over 3,000 acres currently under production
  • Over 2,600 acres in operation under the Companion Ag network