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Knowledge Partnerships

Input to regulatory framework development.

Sandosa and Nutrasource

Working hand-in-hand with our clinical research partner, Nutrasource, we bring the valuable insights to regulatory framework design for novel products within our scope of expertise.

Through this partnership, we are advancing the foundational regulatory science behind plant-based therapeutics. Our investments in toxicology, pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic, and clinical studies across a range of products types and formulations bring the critical information to global regulatory authorities as they develop and evolve frameworks appropriate field.

Case Study Example

Botanicals as Therapeutics

Clinical Research: Botanical Medicines

Sandosa holds specialized knowledge and capabilities with respect to a host of botanicals used as therapeutics, including Cannabis, Mitragyna speciosa, kava, echinacea and many more. Today, our company leads the world in private-sector clinical research to support the safety of and efficacy of these botanicals and their derivatives for human use.

Drawing upon molecular genetics, epitranscriptomics, molecular biology, modern pharmacology, and the chemistry of natural products, our experts have led important advances in the understanding of plants genetic factors and derivatives, the design and development of scalable isolation methodologies, and other research efforts supporting safe and appropriate used of these plant based therapeutics.

Knowledge Partnerships

Advancing science and regulation for plant-based therapies.

Our work with leading Regulatory Agencies

Today, Olistica, through Sandosa and its partner Clinical Research Organization, Nutrasource, are working in consultation with Health Canada to advance clinical trials for select products and purposes. our clinical research efforts underway with Health Canada include numerous phase 1 clinical studies and potential to move to phase 2 for one of the trials. Working hand in hand with regulators to help guide the pathway of development and testing has been integral to our business model.

Sandosa has strategically designed the trials such that market entry points will allow for us to seek approval in natural product markets and pharmaceutical markets. This stage wise progressive approach will support the continued expansion into these new markets while furthering the clinical work we are engaged in simultaneously. These and related efforts pave a pathway for regulatory engagement in, and framework development for, plant-based therapeutics.