About Olistica

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Our Mission

The core focus of our mission is to revitalize the use of plant-based therapeutics in modern medicine, and to provide access to these products for health and well-being wherever they can be of value.

Practical Matters

Gain access to the demographics, psychographics, and location of unique agricultural solutions.

Feedstock Alternatives

Unify your approach to healthy cost saving feedstock alternatives through hemp based products.

Health & Nutrition

We offer premier options to include in your approach to health & nutrition industry.

About Olistica Group

Olistica Life Sciences Group is a bioscience organization dedicated to the advancement of innovative, sustainable solutions derived from nature. Our primary goal is to improve the human experience through natural products or via pathways lent by nature. We apply our industry-leading capabilities across a range of areas, including practical materials, feedstock alternatives, and health & nutrition.


Insight to help you create, connect, and convert your Business Interests, Influence, Interactions, and Intent. Discover emerging topics and influencers to reach new heights with Olistica Life Science's Group!


Cannopy Corp

Cannopy Corporation is a hemp producer, processor and vendor into the international markets.


Companion Ag

CompanionAg provides commercial agricultural management of select crops in an innovative networked model.


Olistica Life Science’s Group will streamline the manufacturing process offering you the insights and knowledge needing to bring your product to market in a timely manor within your realistic budget. We’ve been the leader in cannabis product manufacturing and marketing in the U.S. since 2017.


Advanced Nutrition

Advanced Nutrition is a manufacturer of dietary supplements and natural health products and goods of various types.


Cascade Naturals

Cascade Naturals is a manufacturer of hemp-based nutritional products ranging from cosmetics, nutraceuticals and other healthcare goods.


Live Ingredient Co.

The Live Ingredient Co. is a highly refined manufacturer specializing in the development and production of botanical api's.


Jordan Process

Jordan Process is a world leading manufacturer of cannabinoid api's that meet nutraceutical and pharmaceutical compliance requirements.


We strive to bring you the most up-to-date biotechnology options in the business to integrate with your products during development to better serve the market and your business. We provide the best botanical API in the business cataloging hundreds of compounds and options.



Sandosa is a pharmaceutical platform conducting clinical R&D and currently managing 6 phase 1 clinical studies; seeking and obtaining regulatory approvals around the world.

Global Market Leader

Olistica Life Sciences Group has ventured to establish International operations to support its market objective of being one of the top natural products and botanical medicines suppliers in the world.

North America

  • Co-Op Farming Program
  • Agri-Processing Facilities
  • Botanical ingredient manufacturing facilities
  • Finished product formulation and manufacturing facilities
  • Packaging and distribution facilities
  • Pharmaceutical and distribution facilities

South America

  • Co-Op Farming Program
  • Agri-Processing Facilities
  • Botanical ingredient manufacturing facilities


  • Finished product manufacturing facilities / distribution
  • Sales / Marketing Offices


  • Co-Op Farming Program
  • Agri-Processing Facilities
  • Botanical ingredient manufacturing facilities
  • Finished product manufacturing / Distribution